I am an artist who works in Los Angeles.

My studio output encompasses work in visual, written, and olfactive media.

I have heretofore used the process of collage as my primary mode of composition, focusing on text dissected from published matter to create largely abstract works that present cacophonies of words or glyphs for the viewers to read as they see fit.

These works largely cull disassembled passages from Gideons’ bibles and the psychological canon, chosen during my own effort to deconstruct my personal belief systems and better understand my unconscious relationships in the world. Viewers seem to find immediate and surprising reference points in these works: the choice keyword calling out or the all-over disaster of conflicting and unreadable letters adding up to an idea larger than the sum of its mumbles.

My other work utilizes transparent fiberglass as a painting substrate supporting formalist themes concerned with the basic operations of light, shadow, and color confined to two-dimensional structures, but revealed as three-dimensional spaces due to its uncommon opening of a typically hidden area. These works act as a non-textual visual contrast to collage, but paralleling with an opportunity to question how one consciously perceives painting in the art setting.

Finally, I have begun to work with perfume as an implicitly non-visual medium of creating color and space. My interest here developed during my time researching aesthetics as a metaphysics while at UCLA; I was continually surprised at how olfaction, from a philosophical aesthetics perspective, is often written off as inferior to the visual or auditory senses. In any case, more artists — particularly in Los Angeles — are beginning to use perfumery in a fine arts setting, and as someone whose relationship to the world is very primal in terms of scent, I was immediately drawn to its possibilities. I will begin to publish this work later this year.

I hold a degree in art history from UCLA and have been steadily producing studio work since 2003.

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